Our workshops are powerful but not parental- giving an important message delivering much more than good advice with a modern and interactive flair. It offers true direction to teens living in a challenging, complex world.

We offer unquestionable wisdom in a friendly, approachable manner which will inspire trust and encourage teens to follow their hearts rather than simply follow the group.

Today's youth - Tomorrows Leaders

This course ignites participants to receive practical training and gain key skills such as Leadership Qualities, Self Confidence, Public Speaking ,Resisting Peer Pressure, Bullying, Vision Mission Planning Presentation ,Entrepreneurship and Life Skills.




A Whole New World

This course was designed specifically for the School-leavers entering into the big world. This course will give you the much needed edge to stand out from other School-leavers.





Teen Supreme

Parenting teenagers can be like a roller coaster with many ups and downs along the way. Parenting teenagers can be an enjoyable experience with a little bit of preparation.

We offer a Fun, Informative, Interactive and Educational workshop with a wealth of information on the different issues your teenagers might face.




The Gentleman's Guide

This course was designed specifically to bring back the “old-school” way of how gentlemen used to behave. This course will give you the edge to stand out from other men.





Boy Scouts

This course is designed and aimed specifically at the younger generation of boys, to mould them into young gentlemen. This course will specifically focus on improving manners, personal image and the proper etiquette for all situations from the dinner table to the sports field.






Makeup is used in numerous glamorous fields like magazines, photography, cosmetic industries, theatres and television etc. Its basic aim is simply to modify your appearance through application of cosmetics and other related products to make you feel and look flawless and amazing. All you need is the creativity, the drive and determination to succeed.





Modeling and Deportment

The modeling and deportment course has been designed for young girls and ladies aged from 10 to 17 years. It will  assist you to be well dressed, poised and learn to walk the walk. We will teach you to carry yourself and develop self-confidence with a combination of attitude and control when you make an entrance to be memorable and remarkable. Step up, stand out and shine at your personal best.





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