Dear Teachers/Parents,

Our youth of today are facing immense pressure which parents, grandparents and teachers could never have imagined.

The ultimate Modern Day Teenage Success Academy has developed courses to provide Teens with tools to help them find answers within themselves.

We offer workshops that proved skills for teens to help them formulate a great game plan for achieving their dreams and strategies to reach their highest goals and be prepared to overcome any obstacles they might encounter.

Our workshops are powerful but not parental, giving an important message delivering much more than good advice. It offers true direction to teens living in a complex challenging world.

We offer unquestionable wisdom in a friendly, approachable manner which will inspire trust and encourage teens to follow their hearts rather than simply follow the group.

This course was designed specifically to bring back the “old-school” way of how gentlemen used to behave. This course will give you the edge to stand out from other men.

Dates: 8-9 July 2016 | Duration: 2 Days | Price: R3550.00

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